Friday, January 12, 2007

I'd like to say a little HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sister-in-law. Sadly, I haven't seen her since our last computer got stolen so I had NO photos of her to post to wish her a special happy birthday! But you can check out her blog and wish her a little happy b-day too if you'd like!

I've been singing the primary happy birthday song since last Sunday when I sang it at church so to wish my sister-in-law a very happy birthday here it goes...

Happy Happy Birthday Lisa (name change) dear!
Happy days will come to you all year!
If I had a wish then it would be...
A Happy Happy Birthday to you from me...and Darek!

And here's a yummy piece of cyber cake to help you with the anti-sugar, get back on track, detox! I hope you have a really great day. I love that you have started a blog. It has been fun to keep in touch better! Have such a happy year and I hope all your little wishes come true! For you and for all of us!
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An Ordinary Mom said...

Happy Birthday to me :) !!

Thanks for the great post, Amberli! You are one of the best sister-in-laws a girl could have. I hope all my little birthday wishes come true for all of us, too!

The detox is going OK, but I am going to break it tonight when we go out to dinner ... that is if the roads aren't too icy. Grrr. I don't want to go sliding down another hill like we did yesterday. We were running an errand and hit a pitch of ice and then I realized we had no brakes because brakes don't function, no matter how badly you want them to, when there is no friction. We slid down a hill about 30 feet when the brakes finally kicked back in. Thankfully we were all fine, although the heart rate got up a little bit. Maybe that can count as my exercise for the day since I couldn't get to the gym because of said ice.

Okay, ending the marathon comment now :) !!