Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I miss my family, and vacation, and the warm weather we had last week, and...

I am terribly pathetic, looking through the Christmas photos as if I can relive vacation. Getting back to work has been hectic. I had a strange realization today while I did a phone screening for work. I sat there talking to this person about all kinds of horrific pain and terrible suffering as if I were talking about the weather. My supervisor reminded me recently that social workers suffer from secondary trauma more than any other profession because we are constantly reliving people's traumatic experiences with them as we try to help them through it. I am always able to help the person in the moment, stay calm, give support, etc. But I have a harder time later on dealing with the after effects in my own life. It's a tricky business. It makes me miss life when I wasn't dealing with so much crisis and heartache. It does however, also make me feel grateful for my blessings!

So here are some more photos of our Christmas break, as if I haven't posted enough! But sometime you just gotta reflect upon what you have and not let life get you down!

Kisses from Ali, and some kind of crazy face from John! Kirstin granting us peace!

Sadly, Ruthie wasn't super into getting her photo taken here, but still gotta love those blue eyes!

Again, an uninterested photo companion, but darling nonetheless!

I missed our other niece and nephew who spent Christmas in CA. I can't believe these little people are growing up so fast and we are missin out!
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An Ordinary Mom said...

Cute pictures! We missed you guys,too. Keri still talks about you and Darek all the time.

Good luck with work. It seems like it would be really hard trying to help people cope with their problems all the time, but I am sure you are doing an INCREDIBLE job!

Tiffany said...

You are so pretty. I don't think Amberli Roper-McCoy will ever NOT be pretty.

Darek and Amberli said...

Oh Tiff, you are too too nice to me! Thank you! I needed that today!

Shauna Brown said...

Darling pictures!! You look wonderful of course and I feel your pain for being back to reality. It's hard, but I guess necessary.