Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Dovs

So glad that we got to see the Dovers even though it was only for about 24 hours. We were happy to see the Wrights as well, but sadly did not think to snap any photos. Yeah, this is a pretty classy shot of Amy and I...if you're wondering why we look so glamorous it's because...

this is what we did for about 20 of the 24 hours we were together! It was time for a chick flick marathon, and Livi was a big girl and joined us for the festivities!

Here's the boys' marathon, so proud to announce that they beat their game in less than the 24 hour time allotment. These boys the mighty swashbucklers! Arggghhhie matey!

Livi was a trooper. Even though she was getting sick she still took the time to show me her little brother's sweet converse! How cute is this little face?
It was so much fun to hang out with her and she was so sweet and cute. She was really excited to show me her new kitchen set she got for Christmas and made sure to feed me lots of plastic treats!

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Tiffany said...


It's old pal and roomie, Tiffany from Avonlea! Incidently (who used that word a lot?), Joanna Thorpe gave me your blog address. I can't believe you are in Massachussets! Tell me you are in Boston. that is where my sister in law lives and we will be up there in May to see her graduate from BU!
We will have to get together! What are you doing there anyway?

Did you know I am in Maryland? Jo is in Virgina. Amy Gueck is in NYC. Why are we all suddenly east coasters?

I need to read more of your blog now... so I am off! You look great!


Tiffany said...

my blog is

Amy D. said...

You guys need to come more often. We had a blast with ya. Well not that I got to converse with Amberli very much, sorry about that. Our video games are like good books to you girls, once you start, you can't stop....sorry!
Anyway, good times and as always good food.