Saturday, January 20, 2007

Candlepin Bowling!

We drove to Stoughton today to pick up the deal of a lifetime from a nice old man with a shaggy beard and a long ponytail. "The deal of a lifetime" of course refers to the two sets of candle pin bowling balls discovered by Earl Hicky (a.k.a. Logan) online and eagerly acquired ASAP by Derelique and Logan, fellow candlepin bowling buddies! Kate and I couldn't help but laugh when the boys walked out of the nice guys house as excited and as giddy as a couple of school girls. Needless to say we headed straight to Sacco's for a night of excitement and adventure, only a few detours on the way (such as a quick stop at a sporting goods store so Darek could really join the ranks of hardcore candlepinners by buying his own bowling shoes. Logan, of course already has his own pair...these boys...)

Darek immediately felt connected to the purple balls, while Logan quickly dibbed the black and white bag. They both seemed pretty stoked about their treasures! Please note Darek's wannabe Addidas bowling shoes.

The best part was when the guy behind the counter automatically assumed that these boys had their own shoes and didn't want to insult them by asking them if they needed any. I mean, anyone who shows up with their own balls must have their own shoes, right? These boys will soon be locals at good old Sacco's. I laughed again when the guys next to us, not knowing any better, started using the green and purple balls, until Darek let him know (ahem) "those are my balls!"
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An Ordinary Mom said...

That was quite the statement that Darek made :) !!

I had never heard of Candlepin Bowling until one of your earlier posts. You have Rudy very intrigued.

Earl Wangchung said...

Those are some rad guys with some weet gear! Nice fotos, thanks again for a great time. Round 2 coming up!

The McCoy Family said...

I can't believe my brother has his own candlepin balls!! First, candlepin bowling. Then, synchronized swimming. I'm worried.

Actually, I'm glad to see there's something he might be good at. It should do wonders for his self-esteem. Love ya, bro!!

Tiffany said...

This sounds like a blast! I can totally seem y brother Tyler doing this. I have never heard of it before - please explain! Is this a Boston thing?