Thursday, January 25, 2007

Amberli 101

So, I made my 100 things list a little while ago but didn't post it because I wasn't sure who would take the time to read it, but I always enjoy reading those of other's so here it is...

1. I am a spaz, maybe even a little ADD hyperactive
2. I love to laugh
3. I laugh at myself all of the time
4. I cry often, happy tears and sad tears
5. I have a tender heart
6. I sometimes dream in Italian
7. I love rodeos (like the bull riding kind, not just like my car)

8. I love and miss California
9. I love flip flops and wear them in the snow
10. I think of Brinegar when I accidentally make myself gag while brushing my teeth because of the time he kept gagging when we played "Chubby Bunny"
11. My siblings are hilarious
12. My mother’s laugh is one of my favorite sounds
13. I am a health food junkie with a mad sweet tooth
14. I love taking walks, especially with my dad
15. Exercise is important to me, I could run forever...
16. I struggle sometimes
17. I am excited to someday be a mother
18. I miss Italy everyday
19. I have courage
20. I have always been a flirt
21. I am a social butterfly
22. I am an insomniac and I love naps, but I never take them
23. I love reading good books
24. I love photography
25. I want to travel the world
26. I say “dude” way too much
27. I have always wanted to be an actress
28. I want to run marathons all my life
29. I love getting mail
30. I love sunrises and sunsets
31. I wish I had a home on the beach
32. I love to snowboard
33. I like to make other people laugh

33. I take better care of other people then I do of myself
34. I am a peacemaker
35. I get a little ADD because I think about too many things at one time
36. I served a mission in Italy and LOVED it
37. I studied abroad in the Holy Land and found myself
38. I have had my heart broken
39. I love to write
40. I ate peanut butter cinnamon sugar toast for dinner tonight
41. I love fireworks and can’t help but say “ooo” and “ahhh”
42. I make cookies just so I can eat the dough and don't really care if I ever get around to baking the dough
43. I love Elvis, love him!
44. I am a strong person
45. I have regrets
46. I was Homecoming Queen
47. I am a patient person
48. I am super low maintainence, maybe to a fault
49. I love my husband
50. I miss my college roommates and our crazy times (can you say wheelchair, food fight, prank calls?)
51. I sing in my car, in the shower, while I’m snowboarding, everywhere
52. I dance around my apartment every night while getting ready for bed
53. My third toe is longer than all the others
54. My house has been broken into and precious things have been stolen from me
55. I am patriotic and am often moved to tears
56. I am grateful for my blessings and love the gospel
57. I love to see movies
58. I had an awesome childhood
59. I laugh at my jokes more than anyone else
60. Darek is my best friend
61. I do jigsaw puzzles and love card games
62. I recently killed 2 of my 5 plants
63. I love kittens
64. I had 112 pet mice when I was a kid
65. I hate answering my cell phone, and usually don’t
66. I write in my journal at least every week and more often when things are tough
67. I love General Conference
68. I am dramatic and I feel deeply
69. I used to sing and dance and act and perform and I miss it like mad
70. I love the red brick sidewalks of Boston
71. I went ice skating with Darek on our first date
72. Darek and I fell in love long before our first date
73. I think of old friends daily
74. I wish I were better at keeping in touch
75. I am a very spiritual person with a strong testimony
76. I love gala apples
77. When I stop eating ice cream it is only because I have run out
78. I love the ocean
79. I use way too much Blistex
80. Music makes me happy and I ALWAYS have a song in my head, even when I sleep
81. I am a deep thinker
82. I made up a knock knock joke as a kid that went:

"knock, knock,"
"who's there?"
"Lion, who?"
"I'm lyin' I rang the doorbell!"
and thought I was so funny
83. I wish I knew more about politics and the world, but the news often breaks my heart
84. I wish I had paid better attention in my history classes
85. I love other cultures
86. I wish people would not be so mean to other people
87. I worry about what kind of world our kids will grow up in
88. I am smart, but I want to be wise
89. I give the benefit of the doubt to others
90. I miss running in Provo Canyon
91. I floss daily and hate litter
92. I love to teach and speak in church
93. I was sixth grade vice principal
94. I have ridden a camel and climbed Mount Sinai
95. I wish I played soccer
96. I love my nieces and nephews
97. I have always wanted a silver Rodeo like the one I now have
98. I spent my childhood summers on my grandpa’s dairy farm
99. I daydream
100. I seek peace

101. I did two #33's hee hee


anna said...

Great list Amberli. We missed you last night - number 101 should be: I promise to come to crafts night next month.

geoff wright said...

Loved reading your list Berli. I miss you!

An Ordinary Mom said...

I love your spazziness. I miss CA right along with you. Who broke your heart? I love kittens. I hate my insomnia. Mail makes me smile. I chuckled at your knock-knock joke. I need to follow your example and floss every day. And soon, I am sure, you will be a remarkable mother who sings your little percious child to sleep with lullabies!

I am so glad you decided to post that! I am doing one for my 100th post ... which is coming way sooner than I ever thought it would.

Shauna Brown said...

You've inspired me!!! Great list with so much insight-loved the knock knock joke! Have you ever considered comedy?? Nothing about flag football- whatever!

Tiffany said...

fabulous list berli - that must have took a good couple minutes!

You were the 6th grade vice PRINCIPAL??? Did you mean vice PRESIDENT??? Please explain.

familia Bybaran said...

This is awesome Ameberli. Really honest and hilarious.


Dana said...

Hey Suki - I loved this so much I copied and pasted it in the Amberli folder in my computer. Hope you don't mind. It's even more insightful than "You Know You're A Roper When..."

Luv, Mom