Tuesday, December 12, 2006

So...we went shopping last weekend and this is how Darek felt about it...He was a trooper though and even held my purse and boots while I tried on shoes and didn't complain when I bought four photo albums that, let's face it, I may never get around to actually filling up, though I promised him I would!

The boredom was worth it when I found these puppies for a measly little $15! Such a bargain shopper!

We also saw The Holiday on Saturday night and although I had been told it wasn't as great as it was supposed to be I loved it! Nothing like a good chick flick and it's even better when it's a chick flick Christmas combo! I considered uploading some pictures of the movie because the cast is great and I admit Jude Law has never looked better, but he pales in comparison to my cute husband so there was no point!

Anyway, I hope your holiday shopping has been as fruitful and hopefully you have been able to check people off your gift buying list as I have only been able to check myself off of my list...oops!
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The McCoy Family said...

that picture is classic. its so darek.

The McCoy Family said...

way cute shoes, even cuter for $15.

An Ordinary Mom said...

Darek and my DH would make a great team. What a trooper he was to go with you!

And what cute shoes ... espcecially for the price!