Tuesday, December 12, 2006


I went running today which was FANTASTIC! It has been a while due to the weather and being sick, but it was pretty great today. And never fear, I did indeed bring my camera a long...yes, the word dork should have just entered your mind, because only dorks take their camera running with them.

Anyway, I ran across this bridge from Cambridge to Boston. I always try to sprint across this bridge and seeing as it is almost 400 smoots long (I have no idea what a smoot is, I just know that the smoots are marked on the bridge and half way across it says "half way to hell" which, if you are attempting to sprint it like me, is an accurate statement) I never make it the whole way. But the skyline was gorgeous today and I love running across this bridge.

So then I ran down Commonwealth Ave. which is usually much pretty than this picture shows since the trees look so sad and naked right now. However, most of the trees are lined with Christmas lights so at night it is still beautiful.

I eventually arrived at Colpey Square where I met Derelique for lunch! We went to a yummy place called The Parrish Cafe that changes its menu each year to include the best recipes of the best chefs in Boston. Good idea, no? This is the John Hancock building at Copley Square. I love that it reflects the clouds in the sky.

Then I ran through the public gardens and down Charles street to the bridge back to Cambridge. It was pretty great and I was so happy to be outside.

So, Darek always tells me to save some of my pictures so I'll have something to blog about the next time I'm blogging, so I guess the rest of my pictures will have to wait until tomorrow (or perhaps they'll only have to wait until later tonight depending on whether or not I'll be able to sleep) In any case, good night and sweet dreams friends, thanks for stopping by! Posted by Picasa


Kate said...

If I remember correctly, there was a guy with the last name Smoot in an MIT Frat back in the 50's who measured the bridge with his body. Those wierd MIT kids.

Anyway, glad you're feeling better.

An Ordinary Mom said...

You, a dork? Never ... unless you are hanging out with your borothers :) !! J/K!

I need to get into running!

Julia said...

Running with a camera? Hmmm.

Will you be doing any more marathons?

The St. George is in October you know. I'd love to have a running buddy.

Darek and Amberli said...

I would love to be your running buddy! I for sure want to be running marathons forever!