Friday, December 08, 2006

COLD, cameraless, smores!!!

People! I'm freezing! Is anyone else out there suffering from frostbite because I'm pretty sure I sacrificed some digits today! I thought I had the coldest moments of my life when I was a missionary because that's the kind of thing that is supposed to happen when you are a missionary, but I have now realized that it doesn't matter at all whether or not you are a missionary! What matters is how long you have to wait for the bus, which I haven't really had to do since I was a missionary!!! Darek had to take the car to New Hampshire this week, which is no big deal because I always have the car and I'm happy to live without it for a few days (thus decreasing my chances of running out of gas and paying the tow truck dude 50 bucks to tow me to the mechanic only to be told that I ran out of gas...) anyway, so I had to take public transportation, again, not a big deal and something that I kind of like sometimes because it's big city life-ish.

Anyway, I did not become deterred yesterday when I took one subway to another subway only to find that that subway was only a half subway and I got booted from the subway to be picked up by a bus that would take me the rest of the way to my destination. My only regret on this trip, besides being 30 minutes late (oops) to my appointment, breaking a young child's heart (sad!) was that somehow I let myself leave my house without my camera on a beautiful day when I would cruising all over tarnation, because I had crazy things all over tarnation to do, and wished I could take pictures of some very cool parts of Boston that I hadn't seen before. I am most strongly grieved by the lost opportunity to take a picture of a very cool, old New Englandy building called the "Boston Normal School!" What in the world? Apparently that is where Bostonians go to learn to be normal??? Will they let me in???

So anyway, yesterday's adventures were fun and it felt like I traveled through 10 different countries since I heard very little English in South Boston, then cruised through Chinatown to go shopping downtown. I heard some Italians and really believed for a moment that I was in Italy and was supposed to give them a Book of Mormon. Funny that my first inclination was to start talking to them and I had to remind myself that that's not a normal thing to do when you're not a missionary. Anyway, after trying on one hundred pairs of shoes and buying zero pairs of shoes and getting dinner at Whole Foods (mmm...) I came home to be warm and watch Grey's...only to discover - rerun! Seriously? What's a cold winter's night without Grey's? Only torture! (hey, but Ryan and Taylor??? That was good entertainment!)

So anyway, to get to the point of this already too long post, today I took a different subway and a different bus to a different job in a different town, and let me tell you that the main difference between today and yesterday was oh probably 40 degrees and light snow flurries pinching my ears and making my nose run. I wrapped on every inch of clothing I could to make the trek to work and survive the elements. Tonight on my way out of the subway two dudes even commented to me, kind of laughing, how bundled up I was and told me to make sure I stayed warm (mock). And here I am home, typing with cold fingers (the afore mentioned frozen digits) with my toes still stinging! I tell you people, no mission moment, no measley little UT winter (although I understand you Utahns have been suffering in the teens of late), and certianly no California-one-week-winter-weather-of-50-degree-rain ever prepared me for this! I hope you are all surviving, and I hope that sun comes out tomorrow!

So, this is just a recent picutre of me and my hot hubby. We went to his company's holiday party, ate good food and left before all the drunks got too drunk! The food was all fancy shmancy and so yummy, steak and fish and chocolate covered strawberries and...smores! Yeah, smores! On a little grill, graham crackers with big melting smooshed marshmallows and all kinds of toppings! So random! Smores! Don't worry, I had one...most likely it wasn't as yummy as your childhood memories of smores can be...just hold onto the memories, they taste different as an adult!

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anna said...

Normal school is a teacher's college, if I remember correctly from my history of women's education class. Sorry you froze! Grant and I stayed in all day. Too cold for little Grant.

Darek and Amberli said...

Hooray! Anna's back! I've been missing you in the blogging world. Thanks for reading my so super long post! Sometimes I get carried away!

Amy said...

i was so sad greys was a rerun too... dont you hate that????

Julia said...

Geez...hottie, and I'm not talking about your husband. I love reading your posts. You are so funny. And by the way, you are so big city-ish. I'd be scared of getting lost on the subway.

An Ordinary Mom said...

I hate it when you are typing on the computer and you feel like your fingers are going to fall off because they are so frigid. That happens way to often for me. So sad!

Hope you are warming up a little.

Auntie Ann said...

You look so great!