Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas Eve Tradition...

My family has the tradition (as I'm sure many of your family's do) of getting PJ's on Christmas Eve. Somewhere in adulthood we switched that to sweatshirts or pajamas. In any case, every year I make sure that we observe this tradition by buying Darek a sweatshirt. This year I got him a Boston College sweatshirt and when I went to pay for it the lady told me that a second sweatshirt would only cost $10! Hence, the Harvard sweatshirt that I'm sporting! Hooray!

Darek also started a tradition the year before we got married that he would buy me a children's Christmas book every year for me to open on Christmas Eve. I got a cool one this year that is similar to Where' Waldo but it is a Christmas book and has lists of things to search for in all of the pictures. I love it! This is the sixth book of our growing collection and I love pulling them out of the Christmas decorations each year!

Darek was kind enough to demonstrate to me how the book works...please note the enthusiastic expression on his face!

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