Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Today I am grateful for my parents. They are the coolest! My sister in law put a funny thing on her blog. She posted something my mom wrote 28 years ago when my brother just above me was 2 years old and I was 2 months old. She recorded everything that he did every five minutes for an hour. I, of course, laughed while I read it, but really! My parents went through a lot to help us kids turn out normal...or "normal" at least. Plus I was pretty amused to see how graceful and elegant I was at age 2 months! All kinds of spitting up and dirty diapers. Awesome! Anyway - just want to tell me mom and dad that I love them. They are hilarious and fun and just simply, the coolest!

This is my madre (aka mamacita!), at age young! How cute is she? I think this was a Christmas picture and that's her new doll Santa brought. She's pretty hilarious this woman! She's an artist and a geneologist and a caregiver, and basically the most selfless person I know. Humble too, as I can hear her in my head "tisking" at my "exagerations!"

This is my very hip and stylish padre. I've posted this picture before but it's the most recent one I have. He is so great and when Elder Tingy came and spoke at stake conference two weeks ago he reminded me of my dad. Not just because of the very debonair silver hair, but because of the wisdom it represents!

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An Ordinary Mom said...

I am glad you liked my post : ) !! I had a lot of fun with it. You need to check out the newest pictures of your brother as a two year old terror.

And your mom is the best and is truly one of the most selfless people who exist on this planet! I, too, can hear her tsking about the "exaggerations" but it is so the truth!