Thursday, November 16, 2006

So I'm not feeling particularly grateful for the current bout of insomnia that I am presently experiencing, but I guess I am grateful for this afternoon's nap which is likely the cause of tonight's inability to sleep and consequently my late night blogging. And apparently what I thought was a two week episode of allergies must have actually been a cold that I have now passed on to Darek! Sorry about that Derelique! Oops!

But I am grateful that tomorrow is Friday! And Thursday night's TV drama is such a great way to kick off the weekend! I mean Pam and Jim, and Meredith and McDreamy and now Ryan and Taylor??? What the???

We have big plans of chaperoning the stake youth dance on Saturday night and I am already sadly anticipating what will likely be a failed attempt on my part to relive my teenage years. It's funny the things you miss and think about when you're supposed to be a grown up adult living a grown up life! Anyway - I hope all you pseudo adults out there are sleeping soundly, loving life and planning an exciting weekend! Sweet dreams and good Fridays!


geoff wright said...

Woman, get some sleep. Ok, Geoff and I chaperoned a dance in California and I really thought I still had it until the group that I was in the midst of gradually dissapaited, leaving me doing the Carlton by myself...

An Ordinary Mom said...

I hate insomnia and the vicious sleep cycle of being tired. First you take a nap because you didn't sleep well, but then you suffer the consequence that night of another bad night of sleep! GRRR! I hope you sleep better tonight.

Have fun chaperoning the dance. Make sure you show them your awesome 80's moves : ) !! Maybe Darek could dance like Napoleon Dynamite for them : ) !!

P.S. You need to do an Ako Pa list!