Saturday, November 04, 2006


So I tried to upload the little video of surprising Clarke last night at his birthday party, but videoegg is not cooperating...actually I just can't quite remember how to do it. Anyway, we had a great time surprising Clarke. Darek and I feared we had ruined the surprise when we ran into Clarke in the parking lot of Sacco's candlepin bowling alley. Luckily, Sacco's is such a hip hang out and Darek is proving to be quite the candlepin bowling expert that Clarke simply assumed we had dropped in for a little Friday night bowling after work. We were able to sneak back in while he was in the parking lot so we could help surprise him. Unfortunately I took very few pictures of the event, and none of the birthday boy (oops!), so I'll keep trying to get the video to upload!

Darek, looking strange (nothing new, especially when I'm trying to take nice pictures!) with the Weeks and the Wang Chungs!


Check that form...


Such concentration...

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