Thursday, November 02, 2006

Halloween madness in Salem, MA

We went to Salem with the Donigans and the Wang Chungs to celebrate Halloween! It was totally crazy. We went through a haunted house that wasn't as haunted as we had hoped it would be (although I think Kate was relieved!) and I got my fortune told! All sorts of good things in my future!!!

I was especially excited to hang out with Freddy Krugger as he is a childhood icon of mine. He snuck up on me and scared me before I asked him to pose in a picture with us. Just as they took the picture he played this little recording of a scream in our ears, which would account for my laughing and Darek's cringing!


Darek was getting really scared in the line waiting to go into the haunted house! He had nightmares of scary old ladies later that night!


Never fear, however! The ghostbusters were there to keep us safe! Who you gonna call?


Going to Salem was super fun for Halloween! There were all kinds of crazy people and crazy costumes and poor girls that forgot to put their clothes on over their underwear before they left the house! Apparently the cool thing this year for girls was to be a hot (scantily clad) cop and lots of boys were pirates. Unfortunately we decided to go a little last minute so no costumes for us. Maybe next year! We were exicted to see that Nacho Libre and Ricky Bobby showed up for the event! Posted by Picasa

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