Thursday, November 09, 2006

Driving me crazy!

Not only is blogger driving me crazy by not publishing my posts, which has happened like three days in a row, but I went crazy sitting in traffic tonight! I went to New Hampshire today (Live free or DIE! That's the NH motto! Pretty extreme, those New Hampshirians!) for a training for work. I didn't take my camera because it was raining when I left this morning, but it cleared up and was so beautiful that I was sad to miss out on some great photo opps! Never fear friends! I'm headed back to NH tomorrow and will be sure to take along the camera to take all the pictures you can't live without!

Anyway - what really drove me crazy tonight was my sad attempt to avoid the massive traffic at Alewife coming off the 2. In all my brilliance I decided to just get off at the last Belmont exit before hitting Alewife. I figured I could just wind through Belmont and magically appear in Cambridge! Well, that didn't happen but I'll tell you what did happen...I MAGICALLY appeared back on the freeway - five exits BEHIND me! Yeah! So somehow I went in the exact opposite direction I thought I was going and suddenly found myself on an onramp...hmmm...this looks familiar...wait a minute...there's the temple! I drove past the temple 30 minutes ago! So happy to rewind my life 30 minutes and relive the most torturous traffic since Kelly's wedding in LA!!! Madness! So yeah, I wasn't so grateful for that today! Oh well! Happy to be home and watching BYU murder Wyoming! I guess today's gratitude item has to be on behalf on my cute husband, who has recently found a new girlfriend! He's traded in his tortured little wife for hot little cable TV, including CSTV for all his college sports viewing pleasure! Bye bye Berli!


Amy D. said...

Oh no..........I'm so sorry. Dov finally got through. It is a sad day when we lose our hubbies to the lure of that vicious remote. What is even worse is when you find yourself loving it. It's a sickness....

An Ordinary Mom said...

Sometimes I actually wish I could rewind my life by 30 minutes : ) !!

P.S. I have loved You can even transfer a blogger site over. Just food for thought : ) !!