Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Dancing the night away...

So I know that you are all eager to hear a full report of the stake youth dance that we chaperoned last weekend! Well, you'll be thrilled to know that WE DANCED! Oh did we dance! And we were COOL! And we were HIP!...well at least I thought Darek was cool and he thought I was hip...as for the kids, we weren't quite sure what they thought since they wouldn't dance near us...hmmm...Ha ha! It was so super fun though! It was a past generation themed dance, so people were dressed up like all different decades, mostly the rad styles of 80's although they mostly just looked hip and stylish as we seem to be revivng the sad, scary styles of the 80's such as tapered pants (grody!) and leg warmers (extra grody!) So anyway - they played music from all the decades and I was in heaven. They had a slideshow going on one of the walls with pictures from things that were popular in past decades. I was real happy that Gizmo made an appearance as did Michael Jackson before he became Psycho Jackson! We were also totally psyched to find that they had stocked up on the all the old candies, and I'm sad to inform you that although Pop Rocks create all kinds of oral excitment and thrills, they are actually pretty gross - like throw-away-before-I-finished-the-package gross! Somehow those childhood delights aren't as yummy to my adulthood tastebuds as I remember them to be! So anywho - it was a lot of fun and sadly we have no picture to evidence our hip dancing...you'll just have to take our word for it!!!

P.S. Speaking of the radical 80's, Revenge of the Nerds is on right now! Oh Boogar...you're so disgusting!

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So fun!