Monday, October 30, 2006

Just want to thank the Kaufmans...

for including us in tonight's festivities! We had a great time and ate lots of yummies! I admit I'm feeling a little guilty that I tricked Rosie into thinking that I made the apple pie from scratch (I guess I kind of scratched it off the shelf at Whole Foods) when her homemade cookies were soooo good it took all my willpower to resist bringing the leftovers home to have for a midnight snack, which I am now regretting as it is 11:59 and I've a hankering for a frosted pumpkin chocolate chip cookie! Mmmm...

Enjoy the pictures of the evening's events! Here's all our stellar creations! A bit blurry, but fabulous nonetheless!

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Happy Halloween!

We had a spectacular time creating jack-o-lanterns with some friends tonight and we are pleased to exhibit the final products! Such masterpieces!


So proud of my glowing bat!


A picture that actually shows my face, but does not do my glowing bat justice!


Darek making the same face as his jack-o-lantern! Looks like a pair of twins!!!

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the kids, the costumes, the pumpkins...and Darek...

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Derelique concentrating very hard on the designing phase of the jack-o-lantern creating process...he takes this very seriously!


He also takes the protection of his snazzy duds very seriously...nope, this is not a costume...

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Wang Chung working very hard on the scoop out phase of the organic pumpkin carving process...

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Fun with the Kaufmans! We had a spectacular pumpkin-carving-contest-holiday-treats-eating-halloween-costume-party tonight at the Kaufmans! We love that we get invited to such events even though we have no children to contribute to the maddness (are there two d's in that word?). I guess we create enough madness (this time I tried it out with one d, it looks better) on our own! Lucky us!

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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Oh those Mormons...

I have no new pictures to post but I have this very old one that I couldn't resist posting! In the very middle is my great grandfather, wife #1 on his right and wife #2 on his left...and all of his 21 children! Yeah! Can you believe it? The thing I love about this picture, although it does not include all the 100 and something grandchildren who make up all of my mom's FIRST cousins, is that it does include my grandfather who I've never known and my mother as a little child. My grandpa is the man on the very left of the back row, and the cute little girl in his arms is my cute mom! I'm sure it doesn't show up well on the blog but I love this picture and decided to post it anyway! My mom is really into geneology and has been trying to recruit me for years! To her delight, I think I'm starting to get sucked in! Pretty cool!

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Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Head of the Charles Regatta

We spent Saturday cruising around Cambridge on our bikes and enjoying the Regatta. Crew teams from all over come to the Charles every October to compete. There are all kinds of live music, food booths, shopping and free stuff. It was really fun to be out and about in Cambridge, enjoying the weather and people watching. We meant to make it downtown to witness Boston break the world record for number of jack-o-lanterns, but we were exhausted by last night so we missed it. Oh well, maybe next year!

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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I really should go to bed...

since it's the middle of the night and I'm just sitting here, listening to cheesy music and avoiding going to bed because Derelique is on the other side of the country and I don't want to be lonley going to bed without him. But never fear, he is only gone for 24 hours and will be back tomorrow afternoon, in time to watch Grey's with me! I hate to sell him out but I love that he watches the show with me. What a great husband!

Life in Cambridge is beautiful, breathtakingly beautiful and I can't get enough of this time of year. I did however, wear flip flops to work two days ago and was made fun of on more than one occasion, people asking me when I was going to realize that flip flop season has passed. My chilly toes did convince me to finally start wearing season-appropriate shoes but what can I say? You can take the girl out of California, but can't take California out of the girl...

So in my therapisty ways, I am, as usual reading random therapisty books and my most recent readings state that daydreaming, as well as nightdreaming, is actually very therapeutic and helpful in gaining valuable insight into your psyhcological functioning. So daydream on my friends, forget about paying attention at work and school and remember to stay up late, listening to cheesy music, blogging about nothing and daydreaming about all the psyhcological baggage you're carrying around. It's oh so therapeutic!

Hope you're all well and happy and smart enough to go to bed when it's the middle of the night and you have a cold! Sweet dreams and warm toes!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

We went to the Circus on Friday!!!

I had never been to one before! So deprived as a child! My mouth hung open in amazement the entire time! I loved it!


The funny...sometimes a little creepy...


Cute little elephants - actually ENORMOUS elephants! Nine tons each! So tender that they hold tails, like they're little friends! They "parade" them through the streets of Cambridge when they arrive on the train and have to be walked to the arena. Today was the last day of the circus and tomorrow they will walk them back to the train.

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They did not allow cameras in the circus so we had to take pictures with our phone, which didn't work so well. In the top picture there were two men in the circles that had to run like a hampster on a wheel while the whole contraption rotated faster and faster. They started doing flips and all kinds of crazy things with no net below them. They were at least 75 feet in the air! I thought I was going to have a heart attack!

The elephants were so super cool! I LOVED that they held the tail of the elephant in front of them with their nose. They stood up on each other's backs. It was pretty cool!

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A few more from Vermont

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Drive to Vermont

We decided to take a drive to Sharon, Vermont yesterday to see the changing leaves and visit the monument at Jospeh Smith's birthplace. We saw most of the church history sites last year when we drove across the U.S. to Boston, but we didn't have time to get to Vermont so we thought this time of year was perfect to make that drive. It was gorgeous and absolutely worth it!

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Joseph Smith Birthplace Monument, Sharon, VT.

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Just hanging out, enjoying the grounds of the visitor's center

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As the sun sets the rays reflect off the surface of the monument and the missionaries liked to explain that it was reflecting the light of the gospel to the world. It was gorgeous!

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