Monday, July 31, 2006

In honor of the Famous Preston Night Rodeo

I did some digging and found a couple pictures of my earlier years, reminiscent of Preston Idaho. This is me playing on my grandpa's tractor on his farm when I was mini. The other sad photo is me as a poor child being calf roped by my dad. He had more fun doing this than I did!

It's a sad day...

when you wake up to find that there are no clean dishes in which to enjoy your morning oatmeal (unless of course you're Amy, who is apparently anti-oatmeal) and your options quickly become A) skip breakfast, B) make your instant oatmeal in a disposable tupperware bowl, or C) heaven forbid...wash a bowl. I, of course, opted forthe tupperware bowl and left the sink to haunt me later in the day. What can I say? We had a busy weekend (did I say busy? I'm pretty sure I meant LAZY) but the sad dishes patiently waited for my laziness to pass. I jumped in this afternoon and here I find myself an hour and a half later, dishes done, listening to Bette Midler (Can you blame me? The Rose is such a tender song!) pruney fingers and all. I really just need houseguests again, nothing like an Amy Dover to have around to take care of dish build-up! Ha ha!

So with my house cleaning done, I am left with time to do some ever so interesting blogging to let you all know that my kitchen is clean and that oatmeal is just as yummy out of a tupperware bowl. However, I am sad and disappointed to find that Blogger still has it out for me and my pictures apparently only show up when they feel like it! Bummer!

So, my lazy weekend was actually spent missing out of some good old family fun in Preston, Idaho. That's right, before Napoleon Dynamite put Preston on the map, the small town was actually famous for being the home of the Famous Preston Night Rodeo (this is it's actual name, famous, in fact, for being the first rodeo held at night...interesting what promotes a rodeo to fame status) as well as the birth place of the likes of Ezra Taft Benson, Ted Warren Roper and Dana Hart Roper...that's right! My parents were born in good old Preston Idaho and for as long as I can remember we have been attending the Famous Preston Night Rodeo as well as enjoying the sweet carnival (my favorite ride is the Zipper) and fabulous parade (not to mention the abundance of salt water taffy always thrown to the crowd from the parade participants). So anyway - my folks and my brother Brandon, his wife Sarah, and their super cute kids Ruthie and Teddy cruised up to Preston this weekend to enjoy the fun, minus the McCoys. Sad to miss out, but hope they had a good time. Anyone ever heard of any rodeo's held on the east coast? I guess we'll have to settle for glamour of Boston, New York, etc...what a sacrifice!

Friday, July 28, 2006

Hooray! Blogger fixed it's dysfunction and I am now a happy patron once again! Enjoy ths pics of our adventures with the Dovs. We had so much fun and miss them already! Looking forward to next year's Boston're all invited!
Dinner @ Captain Carlo's in Gloucester, MA
The chowda was wicked good!

Darek's buddy Captain Carlo himself!
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Looking out over the water during our lighthouse searches

The sunset was gorgeous.
This is the Harbor in Plymouth.

The Mayflower

Darek and Dov spent the afternoon fantasizing about being pirates and claiming that they would spend all of their time in the crow's nest. Arrrggg!

Plymouth Rock...
So the theory is that the pilgrims used this rock as a makeshift dock as they exited the Mayflower! Welcome to America!

Dov took this picture. Nice job Dov!

Cape Cod, Hyannis Harbor

Ahoy Matey!!!

We searched high and low, journeyed far and wide, drove up and down the coasts of Massachusetts seeking light houses (something you would assume to be rather abundant in the Bay State) and after getting lost, turning around, searching map after map and trespassing on private property we found TWO! One on the North Shore in Beverly, MA and the other in Cape Cod in Hyannis Harbor. They were worth searching for although we have since learned that there are several others that are bigger and cooler and actually open to the trespassing required!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

We stopped in Sandwich, MA to shop for some "wicked goods" and eat homemade ice cream. Unfortunately life shuts down (literally...please notice that stores "shut" instead of "close") at 5:00 p.m...our time of arrival: 5:02 p.m. We were wicked disappointed!
So much blogging to do! Where to start? Maybe with Dov's sweet dinner that was alive up until about 10 minutes before he ate it and lived in the ocean until about 10 hours before he ate it!

Livi didn't know what to think...

Friday, July 21, 2006

Tear drops...

Please take note of the sad faces and two empty chairs...we are sorry to report that Kamilah and Packer will not be joining us for our weekend festivities. Olivia "accidentally" overdosed on caffeine at dinnertime and stayed up, hyper and crazy, hoping that her New York friends would soon show up to play! They're really missing out...

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Just a few of the early photos to make you jealous...

The Dovs arrived safe and sound and the party has officially begun! Here's just a couple of the early pictures showing the 1st Annual Dover/McCoy Boston Reunion! We wish all of you were here. Packer, Kamilah and Pepper arrive tonight and things will undoubtedly get CRAZY!!! Stay posted...

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Just a quick trip to Palmyra!

We cruised on out to Palmyra, New York this weekend to see the Palmyra Pageant. It was awesome! It was the story of the Book of Mormon from Lehi to Moroni to Joseph. It was really well done. We drove 6 hours Friday afternoon, watched the pageant that night, met a lot of people from Idaho, slept in the back of our car in a campground and drove 6 hours home after a delicious McGriddle on Saturday morning. We went with our friends Kate and Logan Wangsguard. Unfortunately we didn't take many pictures during our adventures. The first picture is the set that was built on the Hill Cumorah. It was huge and very cool with special effects of fire and rain.

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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Four Years Later...

We celebrated our four year anniversary yesterday! Darek took me to dinner at an Italian restaruant called Stella in the South End. I kid you not, this Italian food was the BEST I have ever had, and I need not remind you that I did in fact live in Italy for 18 months of my life! Well, actually this was the best American-ized Italian food I've had, very different from authentic Italian food, but divinely delicious nonetheless! So anyway, we can't believe that we have been married for four years! Time flies when you're having a ball! Darek also got me the most gorgeous roses I have ever seen, the red petals are pinky-white on the outsides! Very cool!

More anniversary pictures...

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