Friday, June 30, 2006

Fourth of July Fesitivities!
We took a bike ride downtown along the Boston Harbor and the wharf. It was beautiful and there were a lot of people out and about enjoying the July Fourth Festivities.
Boston starts celebrating a week in advance.
There are painted cows all over town done by various artists and usually carry some kind of Boston-esque theme. Here's Darek with the "Blue Man Group" cow.
This is just a flowery cow that I liked.
The Boston Harbor

Christopher Columbus Memorial Park

Hey friends...

I have had a busy couple of days and my poor blog has suffered. What might I be busy with in my unemployed state, you ask? Job interviews, of course! And promising one's too! Hooray! Not that I'm entirely pleased to see my unemployment come to an end mind you, but I am feeling a bit idle (me? Idle?) and perhaps a bit guilty chillin' in the sun while Darek works everyday...but not that guilty. Anyway - one interview was with LDS Family Services located in New Hampshire, which was a bit of an incovenient drive, 45 miles in the rain with no visibility and five freeways. Never fear though! Luckily they actually need someone to work in a "satelite" office here in Cambridge!!! In the chapel that is within walking distance of my house! So very great! It would only be part time which is fine with me because I kind of like the idea of two part time jobs - adds variety and decreases chances of early burn out - and it will be primarily with college students because three single's ward attend that building. Again this also my preference. So it's in the works and looks like it might happen. I also had an interview with an eating disorder clinic which went very well. I'm going back for a second interview next week. I may consider that option if they can work out a part time position. Other options are still pending...but overall I'm pretty happy that things are looking good! In the meantime I'm getting babysitting offers like crazy around here from families in the ward...who know that babysitting could be so lucrative? I guess anything looks lucrative from my current vantage point! Perhaps a career in babysitting! Ha ha!

I promise to stay committed to my blogging regardless of my employment state! Darek and I are on our way to ride our bikes downtown to enjoy the Fourth of July Festivities. Boston starts celebrating a week in advance. I'll take my camera along, like a good blogger should, and be sure to post some beauties of Darek when we get back!
Boston Bike Ride
I rode my bike all around Boston a couple days ago and took millions of pictures. Here are some for your viewing pleasure. The bridge is over the Charles River right by Harvard Square. There is a tradition in the area of young couples getting engaged here. Here's the Boston skyline looking across the river from Cambridge.
Here's the Boston skyline from the Harbor. Darek works in the building right in the center of the picture that looks like matching towers.
There is a divinity school in our neighborhood and I took pictures of their grounds through the arches of their walkways.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Join the Feud!

So I am finding in my unemployed state that I pretty much stay busy until about 3:00 p.m. at which point I'm ready for some mindlessness and flip on the T.V. Due to the lack of quality programs at this time of day, I often find myself watching the Family Feud and I can't help but think to myself that I have the best answers for all the questions. I wish one of those surveys would come my way so I could contribute my wisdom. I imagine that each of you also have the secret dream of appearing on the Family Feud to see if you can come up with the most popular answers. Well, since we can't join the show I thought I'd create our own survey of random questions. Go ahead and leave your answers in a comment and we'll see what common responses come out. Feel free to add your own questions too...


Name a popular vacation spot

Most attractive facial feature

Something you do when you're bored

A reason to quit your job (Ha ha!)

Popular date on a Friday night

A reason your parents yelled at you when you were a teen

Beside faking sickness an excuse to miss work

A reason to give a small tip to a server

Something you do when the weather is nice

Something you buy at a yard sale

Something you would do with $1,000,000

A hobby you wish you had more time to do

Something couples fight over

Something you get a craving for

A reason high school couples break up

A game you played as a kid

A Halloween costume you see every year

A gift given for Valentine's Day

The first thing you notice when you look at a picture of yourself

Something you can't help screaming at

Something that deserves a standing ovation

Monday, June 26, 2006

Never a dull moment...
even at 1:00 a.m. Last night I was peacefully reading on my couch when suddenly I heard the sound of screeching tires, screeching and screeching and screeching and getting closer and closer until I sincerely wondered if the vehicle was about to hit our apartment building. We live one block in from a Cambridge's main road and there is a light at our intersection that is usually busy with traffic and pedestrians. Well some crazy guy came peeling around the corner in his huge Hummer, then slammed right into the back of a parked car! When I heard the crunch I ran to the window in time to see him jump from his car and BOLT! Anyway - long story short - the police came, I had to give a statement as a witness and try to help identify the guy! It was madness! And our poor neighbors had been woken up by all the comotion only to come out and find there car totally CRUNCHED! Maybe totalled. This picture doesn't show it too well, but it was bad! I was just thanking my lucky stars because earlier that day we were parked in that same spot...good thing we had gone to church or we wouldn't have moved our car! We don't drive much so our car often camps out in the same spot for days at a scary. We're grateful no one was hurt!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Just a cute picture with the Dovers that I hadn't posted yet.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Darek took today off work so we went to the beach...

Unfortunately our gorgeous day...

quickly turned into this...just as the weatherman predicted!

We need to start listening to that guy!

dinner last night...

Thursday, June 22, 2006

All you Provo Retirees
Here's blast from the past - That's right...
(a.k.a Benjamin Stapley)
& darling 22 month old son, Tate Benjamin!
Isn't that amazing how we all just grow up and become adults and have kids and jobs and houses and stuff! Even Ben-Hee! So crazy...perhaps a bit scary!
Congrats Ben - so cute!
(P.S. Nice KISS shirt! Seriously Ben - SIZZLE!)

Amberli 9-1-1
I would like to send out a little love to my friend Laura Donvito...not only is the girl enduring several weeks alone while her husband Chad is doing on internship in NYC (though visiting often, thank goodness) but she had to make a little trip to the ER a couple of days ago and be a brave, big girl while she receiving shots and three stitches...let me recap. As previously discussed in my first post I had the pleasure of idling away my day on Tuesday at Walden Pond. Being that Laura is a teacher and on summer break she accompanied me on my adventure. We had lots of fun getting tan and swimming before the day came to an end due to the sad clouds that came rolling in (and will henceforth be drenching us all weekend!) I dropped Laura off at her house thinking that she would be safe left alone...I was wrong. As Laura busily worked away on a computer project (sadly not a blogspot - in fact she referred to our blogspot as "adult my-space." Not sure she deserves this post afterall...) she carelessley knocked over a glass that was on the floor and didn't realize that the broken glass had gashed her foot (large, scary gash, split open - ick) until she felt the warmth of the blood. In an effort to find her cell phone (indeed to call Amberli 9-1-1) she left an enormous trail of TONS of blood all over her apartment...enough to cause me to fear that she was going to pass out in my car on the way to the hospital (and even if we got lucky and she didn't pass out I wasn't sure I wasn't going to faint myself!) Anyway - long story short, poor Laura had to keep her bleeding foot elevated in my car for about an hour as we were turned away from the first doctor's office (closed) and sent to a second office, in the next city, where we were again turned away (again, closed - honestly people, we have a bleeding woman here!) and finally sent again across town to the ER at the hospital where they made her wait approximately THREE hours to receive three stitches - apparently that's the going rate in these parts - wait an hour, get a stitch. Anyway very happy to report that my friend made it through the ordeal and is hobbling around just fine, although no swimming for 12 days...which according to the weatherman tonight isn't going to matter since we're going to get poured on for the next five if Massachusetts can handle anymore floods! Anyway - glad you're feeling better Laura!
And for the rest of you - lucky I didn't take any pictures of the ordeal to save you from the bloody sight (although if I had known I was only 24 hours away from becoming a crazed blogger, I of course would have brought my camera along and included the graphic details)
Additional Dad Pictures - please see previous post...

Dancing Partner - My dad showed me up in dancing at Nikki's wedding. Legend has it that my dad really knew how to cut a rug in his time!

Educator - My dad has taught me a lot during my life, especially the value of education.

Supporter - I have believed in my ability to accomplish things in my life sometimes only because I knew that my dad believed in me first! How tender is this picture? I love it! Posted by Picasa
Happy Father's Day (Last Sunday...)
As many of you know, I have a great dad. I was so happy to be able to visit him over the last few weeks in UT. Unfortunately I left a couple days before Father's Day so I only got to talk to him on the phone. However while I was in UT I worked on a special project and left it for him to find on Father's Day. While I was browsing through the BYU bookstore (just like a good alumnus should...) I came across a children's book entitled "33 Uses For a Dad." It listed on each page a different "use" for a dad such as "dancing partner, comedian, friend, storyteller" etc. So I decided that I would find pictures of my dad and I that shows him doing those things and glue them into the book. The ones that didn't fit I just glued a picture over and came up with my own "use." So I spent a lot of time while in UT looking through old pictures, which was really fun (and I came across of a lot of crazy, fun pictures of many of you too - oh the good old days...I'm sure that such photos will undoubtedly make an appearnce in future posts!), and as a little tribute to my dad I want to include some of my favorites here. Enjoy Papa Roper's funniness and tenderness- I love you dad...
The comedian - my dad started a tradition sometime while I was growing up of smashing our birthday cakes - early on it was just a finger that stuck right in the middle...somewhere along the way, however, it turned into his whole hand and/or fist
smashing the sucker to smitherines!
It was always funny!

The Hand Holder - my dad was my escort for the Homecoming half time show my senior year. I love this picture and I love that I shared such a cool moment with my dad! He's gentleman!

Best Friend - I've always been really lucky to be such good friends with my dad!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Good Night Everyone...
Well I must say it has been quite the day of blogging and I've loved it. Don't you worry, I've spent all of my time since I last posted thinking of all the fun things I'm going to post tomorrow! Ha ha! Get excited! To be continued...
A good night kiss...
And sweet dreams...
So it's four o'clock in the afternoon and I just went outside for the first time today to take the trash out. It proved to be a productive venture out of doors as I also stopped to get my mail for the first this week (also a rewarding task as it produced a father's day card sent to my husband from my mother, though he has yet to become a father, which will undoubtedly contain money! See, unemployment does bring revenue afterall, haha)'s a shame that I've been glued to my computer today because it is so gorgeous outside. I suppose I will put my endless blogging and intermitten housecleaning on hold and venture outside for a run. The Charles River is close to our apartment, it separates Cambridge from Boston, and it is beautiful and peaceful and has a running path along side it. I love it here in Boston - if I could remove all the states between Massachusetts and Utah and squish the two together I would be in heaven - live where I love and be close to those I love...

Hogle Zoo with Spencer, Sarah, Amelia and Eva

Amelia was a little shy of the camera but here you can see her cute face!

This is our newest niece Eva. She's a sweet heart and looks just like her big sister!

I loved the penguins...they're my favorite!

The butterfly garden was also very cool!

Hey everyone...

So as could have been predicted I am quickly becoming addicted to this silly thing. I woke up this morning feeling guilty for not having a job but I realize now that this is no valid reason for feeling guilt! My true guilt comes from having not created a blog have kept you all waiting in suspense for so long! I am just sitting here enjoying some sugar-free pudding (also guiltless) looking out my window thinking to myself that I really should be outside enjoying this gorgeous 82 degree weather (low humidity as well, rare for the east coast) but heaven forbid I walk away from my blog even for a moment! I clearly have too many pictures of my UT trip to post them all but can resist including the following...
My sweet niece Ali reliving my glory days...

Even an action shot...

I now realize that sadly my glory days consist of unemployment and blogging! Haha!

Darek and Ali...such good little friends!

Watching TV together

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Yummy Gandolfo's Breakfast with friends... Posted by Picasa classic! Posted by Picasa
Provo Time!!! We were so happy to see as many friends as possible during our short time in Provo, but definitely missed seeing a lot of good friends that we miss and love! So happy that Kelly and Dave and Darren and Tish were also in town!

Enjoyed yummy Cafe Rio and delicious Gandolfo's! So funny that we live in Boston - known for it's yummy food - and yet it's Provo restraunts that we love the most...

Tour of our Cambridge Apartment

Ok, for all of you friends and family that will probably never make it to the east coast to visit here's a video of our apartment. Now you can feel like you've visited!

Again, poor Olivia being hounded by the McCoys! Posted by Picasa